Aziende del gruppo

The future of customised communication

Exclusive print solutions and unified management of sending out one-to-one communications in a fully customised manner, for both target and channel. 

Transactional documentation: advanced systems for automatic and multi-channel mailing (via hard copy, PEC, Email, SMS) of sensitive documents and information, with maximum security in data processing and total freedom in the choice of media.  

Direct Marketing: bespoke information and company promotion solutions for materials, customers and marketing aims, thanks to the best online and offline technologies. 

Your space, your style

The best large-format digital printing technologies for top-quality temporary, permanent, outdoor and indoor solutions, 

Freedom to customise spaces, advertising layouts on company vehicles, to make any brand recognisable in any setting. 

Unlimited applications over a vast range of certified products and materials, with proposals to suit all requirements. 

Packaging industry

Functional, innovative solutions with a great aesthetic impact, perfectly in line with all food safety criteria and ready for automatic packaging systems. 

Packaging to suit all needs and able to meet the needs of marketing and modern distribution in a range of sectors (food, coffee, beverage, cosmetics, footwear). 

Sales point displays and stands.

Where ideas take shape

Customised display systems with an excellent aesthetic impact, able to adapt to all contexts: from temporary solutions to full, modular layouts, consisting of a fixed structure and updatable graphic sections, made with different materials and technologies. 

Creation of e-procurement portals with reserved access, to internally manage the direct sale of products and layouts on your behalf, supporting dealers or authorised retailers, and also coordinating the relevant warehouse activities. 

Company directed and coordinated by Leaderpack S.r.l.

Paper preformed packaging solutions, including for use with foods, in  different types of application to meet any need, including in case of specific requirements. 

Materials for sales points, such as displays and exhibitor stands.