Sustainability is a path, an approach that needs to involve the entire company and which constitutes acompetitive factor in its own right. 

Leaderform Group has made this line of thought its own, defining a strategy developed on the basis of sustainable actions.
A pervasive approach where the growth results are bound to actions that safeguard the environment and attention to the social impact of the workplace. 

The initial results have already highlighted the way in which sustainability is taking shape in a differentiation strategy that allows the opening of new business areas and new markets.


The main areas of intervention to support a sustainable vision concern recyclable products, raw materials with a traceable supply line, monitoring and analysis of energy consumption, investment in research and development across product lines, and partnerships with no-profit companies. Watch the presentation of our sustainable activities 


Our certified quality

01 Leaderform S.p.A.
ISO 9001 This defines the requirements for the implementation of a quality system in the supply chain: printing, collation and enveloping for both promotional and obligatory communication Download PDF
ISO/IEC 27001 A standard defining the conditions to set out and consolidate the Management System for Information Security, a security that is logical, physical, and organisational Download PDF
ISO 14001 A standard that sets the requirements for the Environmental Management System that guarantees a compatible and responsible management policy in full respect of the environment. DOWNLOAD PDF
FSC® Product certification that establishes the conditions to guarantee responsible use of wood and its derivatives with the obligation to comply with the chain of custody for traceability. Require products with FSC certification Download PDF
02 Leaderpack S.r.l.
FSC® Dedicated to the promotion of Responsible Management of the world's forests. FSC products available on request. Download PDF
03 Extreme Printing (Leaderform S.p.A.)
ISO 9001 the standard that specifies the requirements of a Quality Management System Download PDF
ISO 14001 the standard that specifies the requirements of an Environmental Management System Download PDF
04 Ingracpack S.r.l.
BRC/IoP Standard che fissa i requisiti di Sicurezza, Igiene e Qualità per il Packaging Alimentare Download PDF
ISO 9001 Definisce i requisiti per la realizzazione di un sistema di qualità nella supply chain Download PDF
FSC® Si dedica alla promozione della Gestione Responsabile delle Foreste del Mondo. Prodotti certificati FSC® disponibili su richiesta Download PDF