Leaderform Group


From the 6th to the 8th of November we had the honor of hosting the 33rd CPX Group Working Meeting Autumn 2023 in Verona: an international conference reserved exclusively for members of CPX Group, a network of marketing and press professionals.

The arrival of the month of November made us protagonists in the organization of the 33rd CPX Group Working Meeting Autumn 2023, which took place in the splendid setting of Villa Quaranta near Verona: an international conference reserved only for CPX Group members, network of marketing and printing professionals (of which we are proudly part), coming from 11 different countries, who recognize their distinctive values in Customer Experience, Digital Transformation and Sustainability.

The common denominator of this Group, in fact, is the continuous search for innovative systems to apply to its tools and services. And this was precisely the focus around which the event that we had the honor of hosting was developed: a constructive round table discussion, oriented towards sharing information and strategies in the field of multimedia communication.

The main phases that marked the three days of work were:

  • Regional Reports: a moment of exchange to share projects, investments and market trends at an international level;
  • Customer Session: a space dedicated to customers with whom cross-selling activities have been carried out in the retail and charity sectors. In this regard, we were honored to be able to welcome Alessandro Salgaro (Veronesi Group) and Fabio Pasiani (Fondazione Renato Piatti Onlus).
  • ERP Session: an in-depth analysis, by Jukka Saariluoma, on the use of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), a software globally capable of managing all activities related to a company.
  • HR Session: a debate focused on the selection and management of Human Resources in the corporate environment, organized and moderated by Michele Manara (Mentor&Faber) whom we thank for his presence.
  • Guided tour of our Leaderform, Extreme Printing, Absolute and Leaderpack production plants to illustrate the technologies used daily within the Leaderform Group.

Finally, a huge THANK YOU goes to all the members of CPX Group who with commitment and enthusiasm have reached us from all over the world: Belgium (SYMETA HYBRID – Philip D’hooge, Lieven Steyaert), Finland (HANSAPRINT Ltd. – Jukka Saariluoma, Toni Koponen), France (DATA ONE – Loïc Lefebvre, Jonathan Laloum, Laurent Quere), Germany (MICHAEL SCHIFFER DIALOG GMBH – Michael Schiffer), Japan (ISETO – Tatsuo Kotani, Kohei Kotani, Takanobu Aoi, Toshiaki Nakao, Taiki Nakaya), Norway (ANDVORD – Arne Haugseth, Lars Andresen), Spain (MEYDIS – Benjamin Caro, Elsa Laredo) e Sweden (PARAJETT – Per-Anders Olsson).

And then, a special and heartfelt thought goes to the friends of BE’ERI PRINT, who, due to the tragic events in their country, were unable to be here with us.